November 2009

Our 2009 trip to Big Bend was from November 11-15, 2009. Rick Capozza and I made the trip with two ideas: mountain biking and photography, taking scenery pictures at dawn and dusk and biking during the day. 

Most of the scenery photography was done in Big Bend National Park, and we biked on trails near Lajitas and in Big Bend Ranch State Park. 

Our itinerary is below.

Dugout Wells Pano

Chisos Mountains at dawn from Dugout Wells

I used a Nikon D70 camera with a Nikkor AF-S 18-200mm zoom lens for scenery shots and a Nikkor AF Micro 70-180mm lens the flower close-ups. On the bike trails, a Canon SD600 aim-and-shoot was used.

IMG 5175
November 2009 Big Bend Itinerary

Tom (top) and Rick on mountain bikes along the Contrabando Trail, Big Bend Ranch State Park

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