April 2016

D81 2638-HDR

Sunrise over the Chisos Mountains from The Chimneys 2638

We were reminded during our visit to Big Bend in April, 2016, that arid, very dry conditions are the norm for the area. A few plants were blooming, but nothing to compare to spring 2015. 

We had a small group consisting of Bruce, Terry and myself, and spent 5 nights in the area. Click here for our itinerary. Three of the nights were clear enough for astrophotography, plus we were able to get some interesting early morning sunrise shots. I took my mountain bike and rode the Lajitas Airport Trails network searching (in vain) for wildflowers. But, I was able to find a few plants blooming, and you can see the photos here

I used my new Nikon D810 camera and Nikor 14-24 mm and 24-120 mm lenses for all but one of these shots. In addition to the benefits of a very large full-frame senor, the camera has fantastic low-light capabilities.

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