Buenos Aires, Argentina

We spent only a short time in Buenos Aires on our way to Antarctica, just overnight. Arriving early in the day allowed for time for an afternoon walk about the area near our hotel and for a tango show in the evening.

Not too far from our hotel was the main plaza in the city, Plaza de Mayo. We encountered a demonstration there of a few hundred people. When enquiring we found out that every Thursday the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo read names of people killed or missing during the “Dirty War” of 1976-1983. In this period the dictatorship of the military junta run by General Jorge Rafael Videla killed an estmated 22,000 to 30,000 people.

Argentina suffers from extreme inflation brought on by years of government malfeasance. A new outsider, libertarian Mileu, has just been elected president with promises to fix the problems.

Hotel InterContinental

Demonstration in Plaza de Mayo

Casa Rosada, Presidential Palace

Casa Rosada, Presidential Palace


General Belgrano statue and Covid memorial stones

Casa Rosada, Presidential Palace

Casa Rosada, Presidential Palace

Metropolitan Cathedral, Plaza de Mayo

Kirchner Cultural Center


Juana Azurduy de Padilla, guerilla leader, 1780-1862


Obelisk of Buenos Aires

Obelisk of Buenos Aires


Obelisk of Buenos Aires


Evita Peron Artwork on Ministry of Public Works Bldg.

El Viejo Alamcén Tango Show

El Viejo Alamcén Tango Show

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Banner photo ttaken at Hope Bay near the tip of the Antarctic Peninsula