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Big Bend National Park 


Big Bend Ranch State Park

The Big Bend is named for the vast curve of the Rio Grande in far southwest Texas. There are two huge parks, the more familiar Big Bend National Park and, to the west, the remote Big Bend Ranch State Park. 

Both parks are huge, together covering over 1.1 million acres (BBNP 801,000 and BBRSP 311,000), providing many areas for exploring and photography. The distances are large, and to get good shots, drives of an hour or more from motels in Terlingua or Chisos Basin are often necessary. 

Map of Big Bend National Park

Many photo spots are accessible with little or no hiking, but some places require more effort including hiking in the dark for sunrise or sunset shots. The South Rim, for example, is about 6-7 miles one-way from the Chisos Lodge, and is best photographed on an overnight backpack trip. Sunrise photographs at the top of Lost Mine trail are possible without an overnight trip, but a hike starting about two hours before dawn is required. 

Information about the National Park can be found here, and the State Park here

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BBRSP map overview 1069x1200

Above, Big Bend National Park

Right, Big Bend Ranch State Park

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Banner photo at the top from Desert Mountain Overlook at sunrise.

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