Our Portugal Trip

September, 2021

Late in August, 2021, we headed to Portugal with plans to visit as much of the country as we could in a couple weeks. We had talked about visiting there and when the Alliance Schlumberger retirees group proposed a Douro River cruise for their reunion, we put the plans in motion. Like everything else, all plans were subject to change because of Covid. Fortunately, the trip took place between the Delta and Omicron waves, and except for the testing requirements to enter the country and to return to the US, it was “normal”.

We spent three days in Lisbon, and then rented a car to visit other parts of the country ending up in Porto for the 6-night river cruise.

The visit was delightful. Portugal is a great country to visit, the people are friendly, prices are reasonable and there is a lot to see. 

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Douro River

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