A Day in Fredericksburg

Linda and I celebrated our anniversary at Fredericksburg this year. We stayed at Baron's Creekside Inn in one of their "Swiss Cabins" - very nice place, quiet, comfortable and clean. Our cabin "Wasserfall" was next to the wasserfall on the property. 

We had lunch at Peachtree Inn, dinner at Navajo Grill and breakfast at the German Bakery, each highly recommended.

On the trip back to Austin, we went through the Llano area and took a number of wildflower photos, a few are shown here.

"Wasserfall" Cabin

Swiss Cabin 2400



The grounds at Baron's Creekside Inn

Pond 2370
Wasserfall 2428

Linda found these Horse Crippler Cactus behind our cabin


A few early morning bluebonnets near the cabin

Lupinus texensis 2432

Roadside pasture southwest of Llano. The yellow flowers are Cloth-of-Gold.


Lesquerella gracilis (Cloth-of-Gold)

Lesquerella gracilis 2518
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