Austin at Night-Part 1

Rick Capozza and I decided to try some night shots downtown last week. Here are a few that try to do justice to the nighttime view. These were shot on a cloudy night, after 9:00 pm, with a Nikon D300S camera and a 18-200 mm Nikon zoom lens, focal length set to about 24 mm. 

There was plenty of light, so to avoid noise in the darker portions of the photo, ISO 200 was used (at Rick's suggestion). 

The first photo was taken from Auditorium Shores, across Lady Bird Lake from downtown. The aperture was set to f/5.0 and shutter speed was 2 sec. 

Downtown 7288

This is a shot from nearby but with statue of Stevie Ray Vaughn in the foreground. For those unfamiliar with the blues guitar, he was one of the best, they say. Settings: ISO 200, focal length 24 mm, f/11 and 15 sec. 

Oh, for a PC lens...

SRV 7268

Here is one of his most famous songs, "Little Wing":

The last shot of the evening was taken at the Texas Capitol. Settings: ISO 200, focal length 40 mm, f/8 and 1 sec. 

Capitol 7298

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