Lac du Gaube

Lac du Gaube (Gaube Lake, or Lake Lake) is in a valley at 5589 ft surrounded by moutain peaks, the highest being the Vignemale, 10820 ft (the highest peak on the French side of the Pyrenees). The lake is accessible by hiking 8.4 km (5-1/4 miles) round trip, or by taking a gondola most of the way. The gondola wasnt running (and we probably would not have taken it anyway), so we walked. The trail was fairly steep most of the way and had a lot of good-sized rocks to negotiate. 

The scenery is great, as you caen see from the photos below. 

Taking a short trail near the trailhead you arrive at the Pont d’Espagne, supposedly the last bridge on the trek to Spain up this valley. It is at the confluence of two rivers. 

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